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The Neva Masquerade

Sobre a raça

​É uma raça de origem Russa, mais especificamente da Sibéria, uma variação dos Gatos Siberianos.

Gatil Melkezedeck Neva Masquerade


This breed is a great choice for those who love cats but are allergic to them, or even for those who have family members who are. This is because many people claim not to show symptoms when they come into contact with Neva. The explanation lies in a specific protein that is detected in less quantity in the feline, when compared to other breeds. It is Fel d1, considered one of the main triggers of allergies. It is found in the saliva of cats, which lick themselves a lot to maintain hygiene, thus spreading it throughout their coat.

Medium sized cat, robust and strong. Its coat is long, dense and full, and varies in length and undercoat density according to the seasons. The eyes are blue and very vivid. The tail is long and with a thick, dense coat.

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